So, winter is well and truly here in Britain – All over the country, you may notice that I have been around – snow and ice, and of course my favourite, a touch of frost (no not the detective show starring David Jason, actual frost).  I really enjoy this time of the year when I am busiest doing my job all over the British Isles. Of course, Britain is not the only place I visit, and of course the Poles are my favourite places of all, which I keep cool for myself and a few of my friends, the penguins, and the polar bears especially.

Global warming has worried me a lot over the past few years, it makes my job a lot more difficult, but I will do my best to keep going, and hopefully the human race will catch on soon enough and keep me in business – you lot need those ice caps just as much as I do. Mind you, talking of being in business, you will be needing a nice warm home when I show up – Gloucester double glazing company will help you with that – I know you aren’t as keen on being out in the cold as my friends the emperor penguins, who stand about in the snow all winter in Antarctica looking after their eggs! They like the cold nearly as much as I do!

Although I know that you humans need to stay warm, I do also know that you like to be out playing in the snow and I do like to watch you all sledging, having snowball fights and building snowmen, so I do my best to show up with a decent amount of snow for you all to play in – and the kids seem to like it when I do it on a school day so they get an extra day off too!

Hopefully I will be able to deliver plenty more where that came from before the winter is out, and maybe add a few frosty sparkles to your hedgerows in the mornings too – who doesn’t like a sprinkle of glitter in the morning? It certainly cheers me up! From around March time I will be heading off to my summer residence in the Southern Hemisphere to bring winter to them, and I expect you will all have had enough of me by then and want to get your barbeques out, so providing you all look after the Earth, I will see you again next year!

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