Employee performance is to be evaluated from time to time and the task can be really stressful and time consuming for the management. Evaluations are to be carefully prepared and the stressful part can be, when the team member is not on the same page on what has been documented.

Carrying out performance and motivation assessment

There is present an easy and effective way to carry out evaluation of the employee motivation and overall performance. The activities are to be planned towards this exercise and are likely to stretch for a year or probably the project duration.

  • Performance planning right at the beginning: It is necessary to come up with a properly created performance plan during the initiation of the project’s or at the start of the year. The various areas involving the employees and the expected results are to be listed down. It will include both subjective and objective measures. Customer contact numbers and sales value achieved can be made objective measurement examples. Providing proper guidance to colleagues can be subjective measure taken.
  • Periodic performance reviews: Quarterly reviews can be better done for annual performance period. Having conducted one review mid-way prior to final evaluation is crucial. It applies to both shorter projects and annual reviews. Employee periodical performance evaluation is considered to the key towards achieving success in final evaluation. The review does offer the opportunity to both the manager and the employee to get similar understanding level of what is being expected from the employee. It can actually make the final evaluation to become less stressful and less argumentative, since expectations get better understood. The employee also gets a chance to make proper changes in the way he/she works. It will be extremely late to identify that the employee is not performing the correct way during final evaluation. The reviews are to be documented as reference and retained by both employee and the manager.
  • Final employee performance assessment: Final reviews are often written down by few managers themselves. Besides being time consuming, the employee is also found to get argumentative on those areas, where evaluation is critical. It applies especially on subjective measures. Similar difficulties might not be faced with objective measures, since they are numeric. However, some employees might argue about the circumstances and situation did not favour them to achieve the desired numbers. To eliminate such issues, self-performance evaluation can be a better way. They are to be provided with appropriate forms to document their rating performance for every documented area within the performance plan.

Then the final performance evaluation of the employees can be undertaken based on the submitted self-evaluations. As a supervisor or manager, it is important to provide the employee with written information on the expectations. Any differences arising can be cleared at the beginning itself. During periodic performance appraisals, deviations can be made to make adjustments to achieve planned objectives.

There are professionals who offer the right type of evaluation tools to the management of every company to eliminate the hassles involved with the entire process.

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