Do you guys know teeth are the only part of the human body that cannot repair itself? Therefore cleaning the teeth becomes important to do their proper cleaning and avoid damage. Ignorance of oral health can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and plaque in your mouth which further give rise to many health problems. About periodontal diseases, we all are well aware but do you guys know bad teeth health can lead to many dangerous life-threatening illnesses? Some of the symptoms of bad mouth health are foul breathing odour, bleeding of gums, pain while chewing, and receding gums.

Lower Risk Of Heart Failure

At present the leading cause of death rate is the failure of the heart, though heart failure is often related o a bad lifestyle and eating habits, are you guys aware of the fact that bad oral health can make you travel on the path of Heart Failure? When the bacteria of your mouth enter the bloodstream, it provides the bacteria with a perfect environment to build its minions which further leads to a dangerous heart condition atherosclerosis. So in a nutshell Bad oral health can pave the way to ICU please beware of the consequences of not maintaining good oral health.

Joint Inflammable Reduction

Often we have heard our elders complaining about a burning pain in their heart, joints, and blood vessels, let’s know about their cause dentist London states that when the bacteria generated from your bad oral health enters the bloodstream it reaches the joints of the body, the reason why I am talking about the joints is that they are most affected and commonly seen, there it accumulated and causes the inflammation or the feeling of burning in the body.

Improved Sexual Performance

Good oral health is one of the main causes of improved sexual performance and health, it majorly affects the man’s reproductive health. When the oral bacteria cause inflammation in blood vessels the blood flow in the genitals decline, leading to erectile dysfunction in men, and health affecting sexual health. Dentist London states that the road to pregnancy whether it will be an easy pregnancy or a difficult one also depends largely on the oral health of the mother, the main issue here seen is the low birth weight of the infants and early deliveries. It also affects the fertility levels in females, especially with test tube babies and surrogacy, it has a direct impact on the female reproductive hormones progesterone and estrogen.

Some of the deadly and major effects of not maintaining good oral health I have shared above but the point is we immensely ignore our oral health. Today I was tired so I skipped bedtime brushing. These are reasons we do not brush our teeth and then justify it to ourselves. Brushing and proper visits to the dentist can largely decrease the prevailing problems in the medical sector, please do take note of the above benefits and start maintaining proper oral health.

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