Innovations are an integral part of Chevrolet. It is what makes this car brand stand apart from the rest. Their innovations, along with quality products play a crucial role in attracting people to purchase a vehicle from a Smithfield Chevrolet dealer. However, it is necessary that you comb through some of their innovations which makes this brand the ideal one to purchase a car according to one’s need. 

  • Call Me Out

Every single person in the world is aware of the fact that was handling your phone to text, call, etc. while driving is severely dangerous as well as a dumb thing to do. However, people still keep doing it and have created a habit of this over time. 

Chevrolet’s innovations’ team have come together to end this risky behaviour of people with the Call Me Out application. This innovative app is where friends keep reminding one another to keep phones off their hand and drive carefully watching the road. This is an essential approach to keep people safe on the road and decrease number of accidents to handling of phones when driving. 

  • Leading the way in electric models 

Chevrolet is the leading brand in selling affordable electric cars. It is the first company to do so. Their motto for this is that things what they do today will have a direct impact on their future which is why their innovations lead the way. Their reasonably priced electric car Chevrolet Bolt can offer up to a maximum of 238 miles with just one single charge. 

With passing time, this organization is committed to improving and evolving their charging technologies for better user experience. This innovation is not only good for people but also is ideal for preserving the environment which people have to live in always. 

  • Infotainment and other technological services 

Chevrolet is known for its maximum connected cars on the road and thus has extensive knowledge about things plugged in. This company’s infotainment system and connected services help in keeping passengers entertained throughout a ride as well as deliver every piece of information that one requires whenever on the road. 

Their innovations’ ability is to offer continuous, uninterrupted navigation services to allowing owners to unlock or lock their vehicle from remote distances. Hence, such innovations help people to have a quality and safe product that they can use without any worry. For more details you should visit a Smithfield Chevrolet showroom. 

  • Safety procedures 

This is another groundbreaking innovation from this organization. Safety happens to be this brand’s top priority. However, they not only care about their clients but also passengers who ride in their cars as well as the pedestrians. Hence, they install advanced safety systems which are designed to offer pedestrian crossing assistance, rear traffic knowledge, forward collision aspect and more. 

All these make vehicles of this brand, one of the safest for people to drive and ride in it. They don’t make cars but vehicles equipped with innovations that are safe for people as well as the environment. So get your Chevrolet car today!

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