A radiologist is a medical doctor who is specialized in obtaining and inferring medical images attained through the employment of medical imaging techniques such as x-ray, Computed Tomography (CT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), fusion imaging, and ultrasound. Since some of such techniques involve leveraging radiation, you need to consult a specialist in Radiology who has gone through adequate coaching in understanding radiation safety and protection. It is the principal diagnostic tool for a number of diseases. It plays a key role in monitoring the treatment and envisioning the results. A radiologist has the know how of the right coherent algorithms that can helpclinical efficiency.

A specialist must have graduated from an authorized school of medicine, passed a licensing examination, and completed a residency of a minimum of 4 years of specialized postgraduate medical education in all aspects of diagnostics. A majority of radiologists additionally complete a fellowship – one to two years of distinct coaching, during a specific subspecialty of diagnostics, such as Breast imaging, Neuroradiology, Radiation Oncology, and Hospice & Palliative Care.

Key Role a Radiologist Plays

A Radiologist acts as a professional advisor for you. He does the correct examination and decodes the medical images and, which is crucial for the treatment. Essentially, the treatment is minimally invasive and image guided.A radiologist will:

  • Infer the obtained medical images and analyzes the test results in order to direct your treatment
  • Recommend further tests and treatments that are necessary
  • Direct the technician, operating the device (radiological technologist), and ensure that the required exams are carried out accurately

The Future of Radiology-specialty in Healthcare

Radiology-specialty is a unique specialization in medicine, having distinct technical challenges. Its evolvement can be traced back to the X-ray image capturing, and exposing, transmitting, and developing a the images on brittle glass plates for analysis and subsequent interpretation.There are a number of modes of varied complexity through which images can be obtained. Technological developments in digital imaging facilitate the transportation of the images across the globe for viewing.

Meet Your Radiology Expert From Imagingassociates

At Imaging Associates, we take pride in delivering premium, high-quality medical care and personalized services. It is an independent diagnostic facility, owned and operated by a crew of devoted radiologists. In our established practices in Box Hill, Mitcham, and Wagga Wagga, we offer special imaging services to our patients. Our doctors provide a wide range of services, including Low Dose CT, Ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, and DXA. We give importance to our customers’ convenience. We make sure that we schedule a time that is convenient to them.

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