Many people see the value of using machines and other equipment to facilitate work. In everyday activities, there is always a certain device that makes the load portable and more convenient. In large companies, the actual use of machinery is much appreciated by employees. When these institutions no longer use second hand cars, it’s time to find ways to make a profit on your investment.

Second hand equipment is useful for both the buyer and the seller. From the seller, this means making a profit, even if the car is no longer needed. On the part of buyers, this means lower cost if they can buy highly functional equipment. There are many places where second hand cars are sold. They offer opportunities for buyers and sellers to meet.

Machines for the pulp and paper industry

Buying second hand equipment Australia for the pulp and paper industry is a good investment. Options for the paper industry range from ball mills, plants and casings, conical refiners, wire strippers, chalk dispersion equipment, and fan pumps on inlet boxes to double-disc refiners, granite rolls, woodchoppers. peroxide bleaching lines for pulverized wood and pulp. There is also a list of second hand equipment for machine calendars, pressure screens, cellulose filters, roll winding lines, tape damping systems, and pressure thickeners.

For the pulp industry, products such as whitening washers, presses for pulp cylinders, disc refiners and diffusion washers are second-hand. Pressure washers, recovery boilers, and screen thickeners are also available in these options.

Equipment for power plants and elevators, conveyors and transmissions

For power plants, certain second hand cars are likely to work. Some examples are feedwater pumps, feedwater softener filters, fuel oil storage, and pumping systems, natural gas burners, steam boilers, steam pressure valves, and steam and water turbine generators. For elevators, conveyors, and transmissions, second hand equipment includes chain conveyors, crane bridges, and pneumatic conveying systems.

Other types of second hand machines are available

There are other types of second hand equipment, depending on the industry where it will be used. The list includes saws by size, dowel and groove lines, and lacquered lines. Other industries that are sure to take advantage of these opportunities are the construction, chemical, and food industries. Tanks and pumps, as well as motors and converters, can also be found on the list.


Purchasing second hand, refurbished, or remanufactured machines can save up to 30% to 70% of the purchase costs, and all machines, especially those that contain electrical components, come with a guarantee that guarantees the quality of the work performed. The best way to purchase a good quality second hand equipment is to make sure that you only use a reliable distributor who has a transparent policy regarding the work done and can prove the origin of your machines.

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