When you walk in to work in the morning, do you look around and groan? Has it been some time since your office was decorated? Some offices seem to get a makeover every couple of years, while others might not have been touched for a decade or more. If you think your place of work needs a nudge into the 21st century, look out for these signs:

The surroundings don’t match the brand image

An out of date, tired office is not going to send the right message to customers or clients and could even have a negative effect on how others perceive your brand. Perhaps you could match the décor with corporate colours to make it easier for clients to align your business ethos with what they see around them. If you you’re your environment doesn’t blend with the brand image you’re trying to portray, it’s time for action. 

It’s time to expand

Another great reason to overhaul your décor and furniture is if your business is growing and you need to expand. Successful businesses need to have the space to grow and adapt with change, without being restricted by their current space. Perhaps it’s time for more space, fresh ideas and the hiring of talented staff. If you need more staff, that means more amenities such as toilets, break areas, desks and storage so factor these in when planning your new fit out.

Productivity is suffering

Could a drop-in productivity levels be blamed on inadequate surroundings? This could be because the area is outdated, has inadequate facilities and does not meet the current needs of staff. Staff become demoralised if they are constantly working in conditions that are dirty, broken, outdated or tired and this can make them complacent in their work. Turn this around and give your workplace some much-needed TLC.

Staff are unhappy

Perhaps you’ve noticed a lack of morale recently or a sudden spike in resignations. Sweep out the cobwebs and try to inject a fresh positivity into the environment. Psychologically, a fit out can lift levels of contentedness and satisfaction among staff.

Untidy and cluttered

If you have nowhere left to store anything because you’re tripping over supplies, boxes, paperwork or any other equipment, then it’s time to strip it all back and rethink the way your office organised. Not only is this kind of untidiness unattractive to employees and customers, it’s also a health and safety risk. An organised and clear space to think and work will boost morale and improve productivity, so what are you waiting for?

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