Maintaining appropriate levels of fire safety is important not just for homeowners and businesses, but also for landlords who are responsible for premises rented out by others.

There are regular stories of failings in this area which lead to fatalities, as well as the risk of prison time and fines for those that are responsible for lapses in fire safety standards.

Part of the problem is that people can become complacent about health and safety legislation, or fail to take it seriously because of some of the bureaucratic oddities that can be thrown up on occasion.

Since there are companies who are the most prominent in safety, it is possible for anyone to avoid common hazards and prepare for the worst case scenarios in which blazes brake out and need to be detected and tackled quickly.

Furthermore, with a few pieces of advice it is simple for anyone to make their premises safer and lessen the likelihood of a fire leading to catastrophic consequences.

At home

Those who rent properties will find that landlords have an obligation to ensure minimum standard for fire safety are met. And annual checkups on alarms should be carried out, so get in touch if you have any concerns.

Homeowners are responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of those who live under the same roof, but free fire safety equipment can be procured from many local fire services.

If you have had a fire and damaged your current fireplace and are looking for a new one, then a Antique Fireplaces Ireland company could solve the problem.

You can prepare for disasters by keeping a fire blanket within easy reach in the kitchen, where accidents are more likely to occur. Avoiding accidents altogether is the best solution, which is why being sensible and safe when cooking on a gas hob, lighting candles or using hair straighteners is essential.

In the office

For businesses the regulations governing fire safety are tied into more than just ensuring that alarm systems are in place to detect blazes. Carrying out thorough checks of electrical equipment to make sure that they can be used without posing a fire hazard is also necessary.

Sprinkler systems in offices can combat blazes and keep them under control in the event of a fire, so companies renting space from a third party may want to keep this in mind when moving to a new location.

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