Family law consists of statutes and case precedents govern legal responsibility between two or more individuals sharing the domestic connection between them. These cases are mostly related by blood or marriage, but it can affect in distant and some casual relationships. It concerns the law relating to family matters in England. It concerns a host of authorities and agencies to take part in or can change the outcome of private disputes. This type of view is considered as to understand the context in which the law works or indicates the areas which need improvements.


A Solicitors are practitioner of law who deals with most of the legal matters in any jurisdiction. An individual must have some legally defined qualities to become a solicitor and enabled them to practice that. In England, they are admitted to practice under solicitor act 1974. You need a practicing certificate to become a solicitor. There are more solicitors in England to give legal advices and conducting legal proceedings of the case. Family solicitors are used to only give legal advice and proceedings in family issues such as divorce, civil union, adoption, child abuse and property settlements, etc.…,  

London Jurisdiction

In London jurisdiction, family solicitors based in London will undertake the legal proceedings and giving advice for the family related issues. They used to have an individual barrister for the courtroom advocacy. The strict separation between barristers and solicitors are partially broken down under the law of the courts and legal services act 1990 of removing the monopoly of barristers as advocates and granting solicitors to use right of audience in the courtroom.

Work of Family solicitors

Family and divorce are those areas of law in which people have more focus. This lawyer deals legal cases and issues including marriage, partnerships, separation, divorce and financial claims. It also works on the matters relating to children. Family law also grabs more media attention, when they involve with high-profile personalities or with high wealth. This type of lawyers must have an astute legal mind, strong communication skills to support client during difficult times. This lawyer sometime acts as a litigator, but they also negotiate for out of court settlements.

Family law is most demanded areas of law in London.Many of the solicitors  works as a group of all types of solicitors such as family, civil, criminal, etc., and they fixed a certain amount of fee for every hour or maybe every hearing. Some of the solicitor groups have flexible fee structure, but most of them having fixed fee structure per hour/hearing. It will depend on the case they are undertaking. family Solicitors based in London usually work on a fixed fee structure for their legal proceedings some of them give free legal advice to anyone who needs.

Over the year family solicitors carried various types of cases. Many of them committed to their work and earning their trust from their clients for future proceedings. Some of them do it in a professional way. But this area of law is very highly demanded area in England.

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