Urban Merchants have immense expertise in sourcing and providing the supply of artisans, gourmet and fine foods all over the world for online and trade customers.  Urban Merchants is the leading United Kingdom food suppliers that give a trustworthy, reliable and gourmet food delivery service to hotels, restaurants, and independent food connoisseurs.

It got into existence in the year 2009 and our firm is reputed all through the nation for its great choice of gourmet foods and awesome drinks. Their wide range has exceptional sumptuous delicacies like truffles, caviar, rare oils, and spices. They also comprise of chocolate, artisan champagne etc.

Urban Merchants is a nice firm established in the year 2009 with its registered office in Greater London. It has been functioning for at least seven years. There are presently two directors and no secretaries in accordance to the recent yearly return.

Urban Merchants have great food and beverage backgrounds that are there in five-star hotels and private members in the past 15 years. Quality is of immense importance to them and they asked the chefs from top most places in London to test their products.

It has been seven years that Urban Merchants have started to play a significant role on the market. This firm has been guided by two directors Annik and Attila. Their commitment has been of immense importance to this specific company for 7 years. Attila is passionate about wine and food and started his career at the top end of the restaurant and hotel industry that has a time span of fifteen years.

His career working in the best dining restaurants started in Canada and had 7 years spent getting experience in northern territories. He moved to London where he got a position working as Sommelier for Anton Mosimann at Belgravia. He took care of the high profile politicians and royalty.

Attila shifted to the Royal Automobile Club and that is the best exclusive private members club as a restaurant manager. A concept began to source exceptional and rare ingredients like truffles and other delicacies and bringing the gastronomes, foodies and nice foods from all over the world.

Urban Merchants is the best supplier to hotels and restaurants and also to budding chefs and best food connoisseurs. They provide the finest Italian truffles which are the similar items that are supplied to the best hotels in London and also the Michelin-starred restaurants.

In case you are interested in adding these awesome ingredients to a commercial menu or you’re a great food lover who wants to try something good, all customers can purchase the similar high-quality truffles that may be personally delivered to your home.

We provide the finest range of gourmet truffles in the United Kingdom. We supply the best item that will enthrall any nice food connoisseur. They also have a nice selection of truffle butter, truffle honey, and sauces that can easily convert a simple meal to a gastronomic excellence.

Carnaroli Risotto Rice with black truffle is a famous choice for the ones who adore Italian food. It has a salad that is dressed in white Truffle extra Virgin olive and that will make an excellent meal.

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