Now that autumn is upon us, it’s time to consider how this might affect your horse, as well as your riding experience. Needless to say, the autumn comes with some unpredictable weather patterns, and the temperature can easily drop ten degrees overnight. That’s why I like to get organised each year; I buy any new items I need, and find existing ones in the back of my wardrobe. It’s all about comfort, safety and warmth when the cold wind sets in and the rain storms begin – nothing is going to stop me from riding so it’s best I’m prepared! If you’re looking to brave the autumn weather, here are five equestrian accessories you might find useful at this time of year…

Hi-visibility clothing

If you’re going to be riding on country lanes, you should make sure to have legal hi-vis clothing and accessories. There are all sorts of products you can buy from jackets to hat bands, and there are even some that you can fit to your horse such as saddle rugs. You’ll be able to find smaller items if your children are just starting out too in order to keep your whole family safe.

Hardy footwear

Puddles, mud, hay – it can get pretty messy when you’re involved in horse riding. Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way, but it sure does help to have the right footwear. We’ve got a whole pile of riding boots in our utility room but our autumn favourites are tall, waterproof, and insulated. Not only do they keep us toasty but they actually look pretty cool too (when they’re not splattered with mud). I’d definitely recommend upgrading your paddock boots.

Chaps and jacket

Once you’ve got your shoes sorted out, don’t forget about the rest of your outfit. Staying warm is pretty essential to your overall riding experience so dress appropriately. I’d suggest investing in some waterproof chaps to wear over your trousers, as well as a good quality jacket that will keep the rain and wind out. I get cold quite easily so I tend to buy fleece lined items.

Riding gloves

On particularly cold days, keep some gloves handy for when you’re exposed to the elements. This is especially true if you like riding in the early morning or late evening when the sun isn’t helping to warm you up. There are special equestrian gloves you can buy that have good movement and plenty of grip so you can hold the reins without issue. You’ll also be able to find thicker ones if your hands get quite cold and these will be suitable for winter wear too.

Horse rug

Finally, don’t forget about your horse! You’ll want it to be just as cosy as you are so have a look at the different horse rugs that are available. There are some heavy duty ones which would be better for the stables and grazing, so see what you can find that will best suit your needs.

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