Planogramming is not an entirely new phenomena in the business world, but in retail merchandise, it is known as a great tool because of many reasons. Before you understand the worth and importance of planogramming, let’s us tell you what planogram is.

Knowing Planogram In Detail –

The Planogram is any visual diagram or drawing which displays the most suitable place to display a company product in the retail outlet. Positioning of the products play a vital role in encouraging sales and affecting buyer’s decision. Therefore, with quality planogramming, you can enhance product positioning to grow the sales of your products in a retail store or outlet. It uses an optical image which acts like the flow chart for every merchandise section in the retail store. It highlights which shelf items and at which aisle are positioned and in how much volume. These are actually a great tool in the retail segment and a great system to grow sales.

What Is The Process Of Planogramming-

The planogramming process is greatly sophisticated. Be it implementation or planning, everything works in a sophisticated manner. To use it, you should have scientific knowledge as well as artistic inspiration at some extent. The planogram creation involves several merchandising rules as well as theories which are concluded from market research and optical and greatly leans over the psychology art. The planogram is usually created when a new product enters in the retail shop. It is highly critical when the retailer needs different store displays and also seeks all of them to have similar feel and appearance. Usually, manufacturers of goods release a recommended planogram with their brand new product and this planogram displays how that product relates to other present products in a similar category.

Where To Use Planogram –

The best area where a well-designed planogram perfectly fits is the product placement as well as enhanced sales. In addition, other enhanced considerations for planogram usage is where selling potential grows to every square foot in a space. The designs of planogram comes in many forms. In FMCG segments and supermarket chains, box based or text based layouts are in a great use. Their main objective is not just to optimise the shelf spacing, however, profit margins and inventory turns also. On the other side, in mainstream retail merchandises and apparel brands, the thorough presentations and pictorial type planograms are in trend as they help to demonstrate the feel and look of the entire store and discover each product.

The layout of planogram can easily show a few products or items placed on the shelf to more comprehensive systems including shelf notches and number-based peg holes to display the accurate placement of the products. Oftentimes, this system would vary from one retail store to another as it depends on the retail premises greatly. So, a marketing strategy can be planned to fit a large commercial chain or small retail store.

The greatest efficiency of the planogramming design is measured by sales volume and profit. So, a well-designed system can surely influence the sales of a retail store.

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