Forget about shopping for textured paint, agonising over new curtains or having to choose a bold paper for a feature wall. This year the biggest mini-makeover for homes is all about flooring, with over one-quarter of the population choosing to update theirs rather spend on a new kitchen or an extension.

Floors provide a great opportunity for some creative thinking, and they can definitely add value to any home. If you find the idea appealing, here is some essential information on the types of flooring that are on trend right now.

Floorboards that make a statement

More people are choosing to lay the planks in a staggered form and then simply sand them or apply a light or dark stain. You can also go for the distressed look, or shades of a bold colour such as blue or red.

Choose cool for the kitchen

Porcelain or ceramic tiles top the current kitchen flooring charts, with stone also making a strong showing. This is an excellent choice when things heat up or the floor needs a good mopping.

Lush laminate

Grey laminate flooring is cheap, easy to lay and maintain, lasts a decent amount of time, and – best of all – can be designed to replicate traditional wood or stone.

Dark boards

Toppling the previously-favoured blonde and honey-toned boards from the top spot, it is now a case of the darker and richer the better.


Having been banished to the realms of noticeboards, cork is now enjoying a revival. This eco-friendly, dust-, fungus- and bacteria-resistant material also absorbs sound, making it perfect for the floors of noisy room in the home.


Having been in exile since the 1970s, the benefits of durable cheap and cheerful chipboard are once again being hailed as a smart choice for the floors of lofts, extensions and conservatories.

Brushed finished flooring

This rustic look, particularly popular in older properties, is achieved by brushing a wooden floor with a wire brush to create texture. This is a fantastic way to use recycled or worn floorboards, as existing scratches or other damage simply blends in. As the brushing technique offers a decent grip, this is an especially appropriate choice for the bathroom.

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  1. Thanks for explaining about all types of flooring trends that are becoming increasingly popular. I like the use of sustainable materials such as bamboo and cork. These materials are environmentally friendly and help to create a healthy indoor environment. Wonderful information. Appreciate it.

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