Building Surveying is a task of professional involved in every inch of the property and construction, right supervising the quality of construction material to residential renovation. So, in simple words, the building surveying is a broad term used for a complete spectrum of surveying practice. It can be employed anywhere, right from conversation and restoration of any building with historical values to analyzing modern apartment developments. This practice of surveying is commonly employed in residential, commercial, business, hospital, and entertainment spaces.

If you have finalised on a residential, then building surveying by Sova surveys is an absolute no-brainer to make sure you make the right investment, both money and living wisely. In this post, we put forth a handful of benefits of building surveying.

The Quality of Construction

For an end-user, who plans to spend a major part of life with his kids at a residential property, which he is considering buying, quality of construction is often the top priority. But, don’t think just by visually glaring and checking every corner of your flat, you can make the complete about its life. Only, a professional with years of experience under his or her belt and the right arsenal tools can provide you with a precise report on the structural condition. He or she would advise you whether you should go for that particular investment or not. Additionally, would recommend, what are the certain flaws (pitfalls) and their remedy.

If You Are Financing Your Property

If you buying the property via finance, then, for most home loan lenders, there is claw in their terms and conditions for building a survey. Your lender will probably ask you to present a report of the complete supervising done by a firm professional or company like Sova surveys. In some cases, they will appoint their own supervisor for this job or you are always free to contact a specialist from the market of surveying professionals.

Know Your Borders

The procedure of a building survey commences with establishing the boundaries of your property and make sure that all the boundary markers, the steel bars drugged into the ground, are in their correct position or not. This will be done from the close proximity of your neighbouring family house. The data presented by Sova surveys on boundaries will help you in future with your renovation plans. Specifically for an extension like a deck or a garden space.

Hire a Certified Agency for This Job

Only the building survey report deduced from a certified firm is recognised and appreciated by the state authorities, otherwise, it will be a piece of paper which is of no use. Before hiring an agency for this job, make sure it uses the latest technique for inspection positioning like rope access system. This will ensure peace of mind for you, as the workforce operating at your potential home is safe and secure from any mishappening.  

Also, ask your prospective company for what kind of tools and equipment they employ, and compare them with various companies and make the right decision.

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