Your joys know no bounds when you come to know you are in a family way. The nine months of pregnancy are the crucial period for every pregnant woman. A pregnant woman needs to take good care of health at the time of pregnancy. When you are pregnant, you may develop some ailments and may also get succumbed to diseases. Some ladies have fever in their pregnancy months. Although having fever during pregnancy is a common thing, you should not take fever lightly. Why does fever happen in pregnancy? How to get shot of fever during pregnancy? Run your eyes through the next lines to know the answers.

How do you know you have fever?

If you are pregnant and you feel your body hot, then you should not think it as a hot flash. The feeling of hotness in your body could be a sign of fever. If you feel your body hot, then you should check the body temperature with the help of a thermometer. If the temperature shows more than 100 degree, then you should seek medical attention at once. If the temperature shows below 100 degree, then there is nothing to worry about.

Why you should get your fever treated?

When you are running a temperature during pregnancy, it is necessary to bring down the fever immediately. Having a fever when you are pregnant could be dangerous for the baby which is growing inside the womb. Generally, mild fever will not trigger problems for the baby and the mother. If you run a higher fever, then you should consult your medical practitioner. Higher fever can pose a negative impact on your health and your baby’s health. At times, fever at the time of pregnancy can be due to infection or an underlying disease. Hence, you should not overlook fever when it hits you in your pregnancy days.

There are mainly three reasons associated with fever in pregnancy. What are they?

  • Your body might be affected to viral infections. Common cold and flu can bring temperature in your body.
  • Fever can also be due to low immune system which makes you catch a fever often during pregnancy.
  • Fever is likely to develop when you catch bacterial infection in your urinary tract.

Bring down fever with these effective tips

There are some things which you cannot do by yourself in order to prevent fever from happening when you are expecting.

  • Do not forget your body needs more water when you are carrying a baby in your womb. Have plenty of fluids to avert dehydration.
  • Keep yourself off from cold water. It is best to have a warm shower and drink lukewarm water and beverages.
  • Make sure to wash your hands and feet after you head back home from a doctor’s clinic or after you be outside.
  • Wear loose-fitted clothes and tuck in shoes of flat profile.
  • Boost immunity by sipping herbal tea in.  the nine months of pregnancy.
  • Give your mind and body a rest. The more you rest in your pregnancy months, the more strength you will gain.

It is essential to stay healthy and hydrated for the expectant mothers. Follow the tips mentioned above to rid of fever during pregnancy.

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