Having medical furniture which is both practical and hygienic is a vital part of the running of many hospitals and surgeries in tough economic times, medical furniture customers will be keen to invest in the best value medical furniture for their operations.

Here at Shropshire Pine, we specialize in medical furniture of the highest quality which fits in with recommended guidelines and hygiene requirements for hospitals, GP practices and other medical operations.We knows that within the healthcare sector, furniture needs to strike a balance between practicality and hygiene and we are confident that all our medical furniture products are fit for purpose in a wide range of settings.


We are happy to provide medical furniture for both private and public hospitals,health centers and oversee every step of the medical furniture process.Our experienced team of medical furniture experts can help medical firms to schedule their medical furniture project, and can also help with the installation, project management of a medical furniture job.

Our range of medical furniture includes wall units, worktops, shelving, stainless steel worktops and sinks, and unit and work top supports. As well as this, our medical furniture customers can pick from a collection of both standing height and sitting height worktops units, giving them the ultimate in medical furniture flexibility.


Within these medical furniture collections we offer a number of different options, including doors of full height, doors with drawers, sink units and convenient corner units which boast huge storage capacity.As well as closed front medical furniture, we produce a range of open storage medical furniture which is ideal for folders and books, or other items which do not necessarily need to be kept behind doors.


Those in the medical profession will understand how vital it is for some storage facilities to be securely locked, for the safety of both staff and patients. For the peace of mind of all our medical furniture customers, our multiple drawer units can be fitted with central locking systems if required, which can help to keep sensitive documents, customer information or medical items safe.

No matter what your medical furniture need, get in touch with us today to check out our wide range of medical furniture. All our medical furniture is made in-house and so our customers know they are getting the best products for their surgery or hospital.

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