As the wetsuit was invented over 60 years ago it can be easy to forget just how much of a breakthrough they have been in the world of water sports. Now there are men’s wetsuits, women’s wetsuits and kid’s wetsuits available at a wetsuit outlet near you.

All wetsuits work on the same principle whether they are ladies wetsuits, men’s wetsuits or a children’s wetsuit. Contrary to popular belief it is not the water that enters into women’s wetsuits, men’s wetsuits or kid’s wetsuits that keeps you warm. It would actually be warmer if the ladies wetsuits, men’s wetsuits or children’s wetsuit didn’t let in any water at all, but that would make it a dry suit, which is something quite different.

The fit is all important, especially in your children’s wetsuit. Kid’s wetsuits should be regularly changed as they grow to ensure that they fit correctly. Men’s and women’s wetsuits also need to be well fitted so that only a small coating of water covers your body. This cold water will cool your body initially, but the water will soon warmed by your body heat. As you already have water inside the suit, fresh water is unable to enter as the suit is already full. This is helped further by having a suit that is well fitted at the neck, ankles and wrists.

The neoprene that men’s, children’s and ladies wetsuits are made of is an efficient insulator, but it is not 100% efficient. Some of the warm water that is in between your body and the suit will try to warm the water on the outside, cooling itself in the process. This heat loss is constant and it is for this reason that men’s, children’s and women’s wetsuits come in different thicknesses. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer the suit will be.

As mentioned previously, water can enter through a poorly fitted children’s wetsuit at the ankles, neck and wrists, but there are also other areas of the suit where leaks can occur. Zips and seams are frequent offenders and careful consideration should be taken when choosing a new suit.

Many modern men’s wetsuits, ladies wetsuits and kid’s wetsuits have titanium lining that allegedly helps to reflect radiant heat back in towards the body. The jury is still out on just how effective this layer of titanium actually is at reflecting heat therefore you would be much better advised to concentrate more on the suits other features first. Take these points into consideration next time you buy a new wetsuit and you will stay warmer, longer.

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