If you teach at any level you know how important it is to constantly review and refresh your lessons. When you use new materials you are more enthusiastic and new materials can help you to get past problem areas from previous years. New primary literacy teaching resources are readily available if you know where to look.

Once you have delivered a specific lesson it can prove very useful to put up a related classroom display to remind your students of what you have just taught them. Regularly updating and changing your classroom displays is a great way of stimulating your students.


Finding Primary Literacy Teaching Resources 

The best place to find primary literacy teaching resources is on the internet. There are many kinds of sites out there, but the best are those that are run by teachers. The teaching materials on these sites are tried and tested and much more practical than the resources you find on commercial sites.

Look for a site that offers as wide a range of resources as possible. The more choice there is the more likely you are to find resources that suit you and your teaching style. Even if you do not find something you like you will certainly get a lot of new ideas that you can adapt and incorporate into your own lesson plans.


Types of Primary Literacy Teaching Resources 

There are many kinds of teaching resources available. The main categories are worksheets, classroom activities, wall displays, lesson plans and classroom props. All of them are flexible and can be edited to better suit you and your students.


The primary literacy teaching resources that are designed for the American market may not be 100% suitable for use in other countries and vice a versa. This is because the curriculum in each country is different. However, while browsing for material it is surprising how many ideas you will get just by reading through resources even if they are designed for a different curriculum from the one you are teaching. However, be aware of the copyright rules associated with each resource.

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