You can afford to be a little cheeky this day and age if you want leaflet printing from a digital printing firm. Competition is fierce in the Digital printing industry so don’t be shy when it comes to asking for discounts. Most digital printing companies are trying to attract new customers with a range of offers that seem hard to believe. So shop around and see what bargains you can find on Digital printing at the moment and I’ll bet there are tons of discounts to be had. Look at what you get as standard from a Digital printing service and don’t take everything as read. There’s always room for negation with a Digital printing firm and with a bit of haggling, you can watch as the price comes tumbling down.

If you want leaflet printing at the best possible price you have to be ruthless at haggling. Ask the Digital printing company what the best price is they can offer for leaflet printing and thrash out a great deal for stationery printing at the same time. See if the print service offers reduced rates for stationery packs and that’s a great way to lower the price. Quite a few digital printing businesses provide packs of stationery that include letterheads, compliment slips and business cards for one fixed price and this is handy if you want to trim the cost of orders in the future. Again, ask about discounts on packs of stationery even if the price of Digital printing is already low. You have nothing to lose by sticking your neck out slightly and everything to gain by taking a positive stance.

When you speak to a digital printing company it helps if you can establish some kind of rapport. Hopefully, you’ll be placing plenty of orders with the Digital printing company so it pays to establish a mutual understanding with a leaflet printing firm. Look for small but well-established printing businesses if you can that keep their overheads as low as possible. They value the custom of their clients and always set high standards for Digital printing so they can acquire repeat orders in the process. Be a little cheeky, give them a call and see how low they are prepared to go on the price of their print services.

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