Some people just seem to lose hair at an early age for no reason other than it would appear to be a hereditary trait. We have all heard of the magic potions that can be rubbed into the scalp and will produce new hair. It has even been said that if you place a cow pat on your head your hair will regrow. There is surprisingly no scientific proof that this works. The best course of action is to consider a hair transplant.

Why have a transplant?

A hair transplant is not a painful process and will allow you to regain the confidence in your appearance that you had when you were younger. The hair that is transplanted, if you are losing your own, will be of a similar colour and density, and will blend in such a way that nobody will know that you have undergone this process. There will be no joins or glue for people to see! The hair will grow as normal and thus there will be no uneven strands to indicate that you are anything than well-blessed folically. The process for some may just be about wanting to restore the full head of hair, but for others there will an enormous psychological boost, as in the eyes of the person receiving the transplant they will begin to look normal again, and this will help them recover self-confidence.


This causes hair loss on many occasions, and as sadly cancer can strike anybody at any age chemotherapy can cause hair loss in many people. Sometimes the hair will grow back and some people have a better head of hair than before, but the opposite can happen. Eve with the vast improvement in wig making they can never look absolutely natural and the wearer will always be conscious of the wig. A transplant will remove the need for a wig and will thus remove the daily reminder of cancer. When you go to bed at night you will not need to remove a wig and look at bald spots.Hair loss treatment is of great benefit to many people.

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