Have you ever envied people who manage to always look elegant? They hold themselves up in a strong but delicate posture and can hold it in place without hardly any effort at all. It may seem a difficult feat but there are ways to train yourself and your body to assume great body posture. All you need is a posture corrector.

There are many posture correctors on the market but many of them are big and bulky, and quite frankly in the way. However, the Upright Go is an ideal innovation which can not only do the job but also be discreet about it.

Introducing the Upright Go

As a small gadget which applies to your back between the shoulder blades, the concept behind the posture corrector is that the gadget will vibrate when you start to slouch. This will indicate what you are doing, making you aware of the action and of course nudging you to sit up straight and correct your posture.

The gadget stays in place by the use of hypoallergenic adhesives and also has connections to your smartphone through the use of a special app. The corresponding app records the data throughout the day which is transmitted from the gadget on your back. Details about how you have performed are recorded so you can track your progress on how your posture is improving with the constant reminders from your posture corrector.

Features of the Upright Go gadget

As well as working towards retraining you in regards of getting and maintaining great posture, the Upright Go has some key features which make it a must in your everyday routine.

  • Easy everyday use. Although the set up can be a little on the fiddly side, once the system is up and running you can get going in next to no time. Simply apply the gadget to your back using the special skin friendly adhesives and get tracking via your app on your phone.
  • Discretion. As the Upright Go is a small but advanced piece of technology, you can use it wherever you go without anyone knowing you’re actually using it. Keep it hidden under a coat to keep working posture throughout the day.
  • Personalised treatment. As well as teaching you about posture, the gadget can also provide a personalised plan giving you your own goals to work to.
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