Recently, there is a new neighbor in your neighborhood. The interesting part is that the neighbors have twins kids. You are amazed to see the two kids resemble each other in every way. It is difficult to figure out who’s whom. Right from the appearance to the dressing style, both kids have same kind of behavior. If you notice such kids or adults who look alike, then you should know that they are identical twins. You must have read that in the present days, twins are getting married to the twins. Do the babies of the identical twins look the same? What are exactly identical twins? Glance through the next lines to know the answers.

A short note about the identical twins

Mainly, two types of twins exist in this world, the fraternal twins and the identical twins. In the case of identical twins, when the fertilized egg develops in the womb, the eggs get splitted into two parts at the time of pregnancy. When the twin babies come out of the womb, their DNAs are the same. Owing to the same DNA, the identical twins seem to look similar.

Not everytime you will find the identical twins appear to be the same. At times,the identical twins might have slight differences in the appearance or behavior when the identical twins begin to grow old. The reason is the cells in the identical twins divide with the process of development.

Reason of the identical twins

The reason of the identical twins or the monozygotic twins are not yet known to the researchers. No one can find the exact cause of splitting the eggs. It has been deduced that the development process during pregnancy has not been functioned properly. Another interesting factor states about the identical twins is about the gender. Generally, it has been noticed that the identical twins are either two boys or two girls. In rare cases, it has been found that there has been chromosomal defect in the identical twins.

The concept of identical cousins

It was the first time when the identical cousins were introduced in the famous identical cousins show which became a popular show in the United States Of America in the year 1966. In the famous show, the girls look similar in looks, but their attitude and choices are quite different from each other. It was shown in the show that the reason of the girls’ physical appearance is that their fathers are the identical twins.

The marriage of twins

In the current era, the identical twins get married to another identical twins. The question that crops up to everyone’s mind is, if a set of identical twins get hitched with another pair of identical twins, would the kids be genetically identical? Theoretically, the kids of the identical twins would be considered as siblings, as they have almost half of the genes with one another. The babies of the two sets of identical parents would be having half their DNA just as the normal siblings would have. There could be slightly differences in the genes in case of the identical twin patents. Get more information on the identical twins from the effective volunteers of the online health care provider.

Twins marry twins have twins may have same genes and may give birth to the babies who look identical.

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