What if you want to download a video you’re watching right now on YouTube? Or the video you found so amazing that you want to watch again and again. How are you going to download them on your device? The answer is Snaptube app. It is an application that allows you to download and store videos from YouTube and other platforms on your device. We can save videos on YouTube though, but that option is not available for all the videos, even the downloaded videos are non-transferable and cannot be shared and watched on other devices without the internet.

To solve this problem, this application is for you. It does not require any extra encoding processes or plugins. MP4 videos are available in multiple formats from low-quality 144p to high-quality 1080p. It is also possible to download the video in the form of MP3, which is audio only. That can save the data for the videos in which only sound is necessary. For example, a song video or a 3-d song for which only audio is important and you don’t want to spend hours searching on the internet to get that video in audio format. To help you out with this, this application can convert that video to MP3 format and then you can download it.

How to search videos on snaptube?

You can search for the video you want to download on the YouTube app with the help of keywords. And then you can easily find the video you’re searching for. Now click on the share button and select the option of Snaptube and your video is opened in the application. Now the choice is yours, either watch it or download it to watch later. This application even does have recommendations based on your previous download and watch history. From the application, only you can pause, start, resume and delete the videos. That means you can manage your videos from this app directly and easily. Snaptube app comes with a user-friendly and easily understandable environment, it does not have any complexity and quite easy to understand.

It contains very fewer advertisements to improve your experience when compared to other similar applications. The major advantages of this application are: –

  • Safety

Your privacy and watch history is safely encrypted and is visible only to you. Your data is secure and cannot be stolen by a third person. Your data can be viewed and altered by only yourself.

  • User-friendly

The application is easy to understand and use. It has a simple and efficient design which reduces complexity to an extent. The interface is simple and made to abolish intricacies related to design.

  • Quality Selection

You can select the quality of audio/video you’re downloading from a list of resolutions

ranging from MP3 (audio) to 1080p (Full HD Video).

  • Recommendations

Snaptube does have a feature of recommendations that help you out when you’re confused or ran out of videos to watch.

Snaptube is an amazing application to help you out with downloading movies, series, songs and much more. With this application, you can make downloading much easier and effortless.

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