What would be the first thing the first that comes in your mind when you hear about ‘Networking’? Networking means to connect multiple WiFi devices at the same time. We also take it in the form of social media like Instagram and Facebook that helps us in connecting with those people who are sitting miles away from us. Like ‘networking’ helps in sharing data between users, similarly mywifiext helps in setting up of range extender.

Networking also helps in growing business. In same case, NETGEAR comes with lot many aspects that include router, extender and other networking devices that help you to get internet connection all over the house without any buffering in videos or signal breakage in downloading stuff from the social networking site.

For setting up a range extender you need a live internet connection coming out of the main router and some points to follow that are given below.

  • The extender and router supposed to be placed in distance of 20-30 feet.
  • Router and the modem should be placed closer to each other.
  • Take the help of an Ethernet cable and connect your extender with router. Here, you might need another Ethernet cable so that you can connect your range extender with PC.
  • Now, plug all your devices into an electric wall socket. When the LED lights on your range extender starts blinking, consider opening a web browser onto PC.
  • Once you have opened with the web browser, launch a web browser and type mywifiext into the URL bar. If the mentioned URL doesn’t work, go with mywifiext.net.
  • Enter username and password (default).

Note: See your range extender’s manual for default login credentials.

In today’s modern life, many homeowners complaint that even after connecting router with the range extender they see a mywifiext.net error message ‘Page Not Found’. Well, it is the fact you must know that ‘page not found’ error message is not the fault of your internet connection. You have already secured your WiFi connection and receiving error message while mywifiext login shows that the page you are trying to access doesn’t exist anymore. To fix this issue, it is important for you to check the URL you are entering.

Troubleshoot mywifiext.com login issues

  • Refresh your page.
  • Recheck the URL before typing again.
  • If the above-mentioned points don’t work, then exit from the first web browser.
  • Clear the entire malware, browsing history, cache, cookies, and malicious files.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Access mywifiext from a different browser.
  • Once you are in, type mywifiext password and the username (default).

If you are still facing login issues, then it means there is someone that is interfering in between. To get rid of such issues:

  • Place your router openly.
  • Do not place under the cabinet or back of any device.
  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of technology.
  • Assure that while connecting your range extender and the router, all the WiFi devices are completely shut down. These interference creating obstructions would a big reason behind mywifiext.net not working.
  • Such devices are cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, security alarms, and also the neighboring WiFi devices and electronic gadgets.
  • Place your range extender and the router far away from door, windows, and walls.
  • Configure your range extender only in private WiFi.
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