By now most of us are aware that water is essential for life, and drinking plenty of it is a good idea if you want to be healthy. But for some of us, water is tasteless and not terribly interesting, and getting it down is a bit too much like hard work. Here’s how to make it easier.

Build it into your day

When water goes out, put some in. When you go to the bathroom – or have a coffee – replace the fluid lost by drinking a glass. Within three weeks this will be a habit. For more tips on how to make new and healthier habits, see this report from The Guardian.

Make water more interesting by adding some flavour. Slices of orange or cucumber or even a few berries can make plain old water a lot more appealing. When offered a drink before a meal, choose water. This will get water intake up, and by making you feel fuller, can reduce the amount you eat too.

Keep water nearby

If you have a large jug of water always ready to dispense some water, this not only makes the fluid more accessible, but reminds you to chug some down. Go one better, and invest in a modern water bottle that you can easily take with you everywhere you go so there is no reason never to be without water when you feel you need to drink some.

Another tip is always to have a glass of water between alcoholic drinks. If you’re holding a function or even operating a bar of some kind, lots of drink options are always a good thing. If you want to find out more about finding a draught soft drink supplier it would make sense to contact someone knowledgeable in this field such as where you can find out more about a reputable draught soft drink supplier.

Once drinking lots of water becomes a habit, getting more of it into your body will not seem like such a chore. Your body will thank you too, with more energy and raised levels of well-being. You may even find that drinking water becomes a pleasure. When you are quite dehydrated, a glass of water can be extremely refreshing, and when you are really thirsty plain water can be delicious.

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