Although business cards are relatively standard business tools, many people are confused to determine what information they should – and shouldn’t – include on their cards. Below is a detailed guide to the kind of information which all self-promoting business individuals ought to have on their business cards.


So let’s start with the most obvious – an individual’s name. Whilst it may seem inconceivable to most people, there are individuals who will put the name of their company on their business card yet forget to include their own! It is fair to say that prospective customers or clients (‘prospects’) who have received business cards will be reluctant to try and get in touch with the person who gave them the card if there is no name on it; therefore, it is absolutely vital for every business card to include a moniker.

Job Title

Job titles help prospects to identify how useful the card holder can be to them. For example, a prospect who is struggling with their cash flow may well look twice at a card that has ‘financial adviser’ on it while a homeowner who is looking to revamp their property may be drawn to a card that has a ‘painter & decorator’ title.

Phone Number

Any individual who is looking to promote themselves effectively simply must include a phone number on their business card. Whilst some people may believe an email address to be sufficient enough these days, the truth is that most people still prefer to speak to individuals and engage in conversation when it comes to doing business.


Not every individual or business enterprise has a logo. However, those that do should endeavor to include it on their business cards. As well as making a business card look more professional and readily identifiable, including a logo will also help to maintain consistency across a person or company’s promotional materials thereby increasing their branding and recognition. Some local printers and high quality online printing services are happy to help people and firms come up with eye-catching logos.

Email Address

Practically everybody uses email these days so failing to include an email address on a business card is not a smart move. Whilst people who work for business organizations will no doubt be able to put a company email address on their card, self-employed people and professional individuals may not have the same luxury. These individuals would do well to create a new, business-only email account and include that address rather than use their personal one as this will stop prospects’ inquiries from being lost in a mishmash of bulletins, messages, updates, and spam.

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