Whilst golf apparel for men is normally somewhat limited, women golfers generally have many more options to choose from. Indeed, female clothing Performance options today include full-length ladies golf trousers, shorts, skirts (and dresses), as well as shirts which may or may not have collars or sleeves.

Of course, there are a number of things which ladies need to keep in mind when they are choosing garments to wear out on the links. Unsurprisingly, performance and fit are two of the most pressing concerns.

It is important that women’s golf clothing is able provide those who wear it with high performance capabilities in all weathers. Fortunately, sportswear manufacturers have spent a lot of time developing their products so most high quality women’s golf clothing items these days are more than able to provide lady golfers with the comfort they need to perform well. To be sure, many ladies golf clothing lines today are breathable, waterproof, and come complete with invaluable stretch and recovery properties.

Fit Even the most technologically advanced waterproof jacket or pair of high performance women’s golf trousers will hinder a ladies’ game if they do not fit properly. Women’s golf apparel must fit well as this will ensure a player enjoys a full range of motion and is able to bend and twist with ease. Lady golfers who have trouble finding good fitting apparel would do well to buy items which are a size too large; that way they can be altered to fit perfectly.

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