Fashions come and go. You may have bought a dress a few months back and it now sits in your closet because it is out of fashion. Your closet bulges with such dresses and you may not have the heart to dispose off these clothes. Besides, a question that bothers you is where to dump these old clothes. Donate it to charity?

You have to find one and go to the trouble of delivering these old clothes. Suppose you could find someone who says we buy clothes for cash? If it happens to be an apparel shop that buys clothes or lets you exchange old for new by paying a minor difference you could have a bargain. You can buy expensive designer apparel, look fashionable yet be frugal at the same time.

Doorstep Purchase and Cash Delivered

If carrying clothes to the shop is a chore you would rather avoid look up those guys who say we buy clothes for cash. A simple phone call is all it takes for them to show up at your doorstep, evaluate your collection and hand over cash for your old clothes. You create space in your closet and get cash that you can use to buy clothes of your choice. These specialists buy kids apparel, women’s garments, men’s dresses, baby wear and even old shoes and some even take away old toys. The snag here is you need to have clothes in quantity. You can schedule a date and time for the pickup. They bring along an electronic weighing scale and pay by weight. You also need to clean the clothes, press and fold them neatly.

Walk In, Trade Old For New

Exchange stores are growing in number and popularity. If selling off clothes cheaply does not appeal to you, these stores are ideal, offering much better value. You can sell your clothes on the spot or exchange them for fashionable designer labels. If you want cash, you may be quoted a lower value for your old clothes. “We buy clothes for cash” is their slogan but you will find your clothes receive a higher valuation if you trade them for new ones.

We buy clothes for cash

announce recently launched websites focusing exclusively on buying and selling old clothes. They photograph your clothes, put it up for sale and send you the proceeds minus their commission.

If you list your clothes you pay less. In either case you will find selling clothes online the least bothersome and the one likely to get you the highest value. If you have been eyeing some top brand clothes, you can use the proceeds to invest in latest fashions and styles.

The magic words “we buy clothes for cash” opens up closets, makes space and lets you indulge in another clothes buying spree but with a far lower outlay. Time was when we used to donate old clothes but with recession poking its nose into our lives, it makes sense to be frugally fashionable, though not obviously so, by selling off old clothes.

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