Janome sewing machines, a renowned name in the sewing machine manufacturing industry has a history spanning over 90 years. Founded in the year 1921 in Japan, the company from there came a long way to become a market leader, owing to the quest of Janome to offer its global customers pioneering technology in sewing.

Being one of the leading brands, Janome sewing machines has an extensive range of sewing products, which are best-in-class and reliable. Their product lineup is created to suit all sewing requirements, from a beginner to amateur.

   Sewing machines

   Quilting machines


   Coverstitch machines

   Embellishers/ embroidery machines

What are computerised sewing machines?

A computerised sewing machine typically has a computer, often comes with an inbuilt monitor display. The computer commands most of the functions of a sewing machine, right from feed dog to the needle assembly. Therefore, such type of machine is able to freely move up and down, the right to left at amazing speed, and utmost precision. In addition, the motorised area of the machine holds up the fabric in position under the needle assembly, therefore, enhances uniformity and accuracy.      

The stitches are stored on cartilages, which you have simply load into the machine, for any kind of project, whether it is quilting, embroidering, or plain sewing. And, in some advanced models of Janome sewing machines, a user can connect the machine for his her personal computer to download the pattern from the internet, and craft new designs. 

Benefits of computerised sewing machines

Lightweight machines

One of a most critical aspect of the modern-day sewing machine is its mobility, and on that front Janome product scores well, light weight machines have made Janome machines to explode in popularity since its launching.  

Low maintenance cost

Janome machines call for less maintenance as compared to other product in the market.  

Highly durable

The best parts of these sewing machines, they are durable, will be your ally for many years to come by without much wear and tear, unless you throw down the machine from the top of the building.

Where to Janome sewing machines?

In the age of digitalization, shopping malls, chemist shops, and bistros, all hosted by your personal computer or cell phone, now you don’t have step out from the comfort of your home or take some out from the office for shopping. Today, there are a number of sole retailers and e-commerce sites selling sewing products of Janome. Here, you can both read reviews and product specifications to choose to portray your sewing needs and requirements. Online shopping of such products comes with several perks:  Accessories including specialised feet, service information, warranty issues, best prices, and while some commerce sites offer gift like free shipping.

Wrapping up, you can easily buy Janome from a commerce store online or visit a store near you. However, before you buy one, you should check out several features of several models, and compare them to make the final decision. Or, can discuss your need and requirements with the mall salesman for advice.  

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