In today’s world, it has become inevitable for people to work together. We gain friendships so that we can have connections and we can also collaborate with these people to accomplish whatever work is assigned to us. With team effort tasks become much easier to accomplish. However, team effort is not considered in all cases. For instance, in the academic world, when students are expected to do things such as assignments on their own, they are not allowed to collaborate with other students. This is the reason why teachers use the Plagiarism Checker Tool in order to know if their students have committed collaboration plagiarism.

In the academe, there are different projects and tasks given to students. Exams for instance should be handled individually. However, projects that require a team to work together are expected to be done with team effort. Therefore, working on such tasks depend on the policies imposed on those particular tasks. At Harvard for instance, students are not allowed to work together for an academic task unless required by the instructors or professors.

The main reason for disallowing collaboration in specific academic tasks is that the teachers would be unable to give proper grades to their students. Of course, how will they be able to grade a student individually if that student did not accomplish the work in his or her own?

There are times when students ask for the help of their friends who are also their classmates. These students will most likely work together especially if the tasks given to them are the same. This is where collaboration plagiarism may happen. Students may commit it intentionally by copying each other’s works. On the contrary, students may commit it accidentally when they fail to cite each other’s works.

Teachers and educators detect collaboration plagiarism by checking the individual works of their students. They compare their works to see if there are some who copy the works of each other. However, there is a much quicker method that these teachers use to detect collaboration plagiarism. And that is through the use of the Plagiarism Checker Tool. Therefore, if you are a teacher or an educator who wants to detect collaboration plagiarism among your students, then you should use the aforementioned tool.

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