Owners operating online businesses know how important it is for them to formulate and implement a suitable marketing strategy. Only then can they expect to generate enough sales revenues to ensure the growth of their businesses. In doing so, these owners will be in a position to introduce their brand products to a large targeted audience. In the process, they are able to attract new customers to their businesses and take advantage of new opportunities. This not only helps the owners earn more profit. It takes them one step closer to gaining a competitive edge over other businesses.

Joe Cianciotto – What should online business owners consider when formulating a marketing strategy?

Joseph Cianciotto is a popular advertising expert from New York with many years of valuable experience under his belt. He is a Visual Communications graduate from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University and is well-known within the advertisement industry. Throughout his illustrious career, he has held important posts in prominent advertisement agencies like DDB NY, D’Arcy Worldwide, and Translation. These include Executive Creative Director, Chief Digital Officer, and Vice President. He is among the few advertising experts to launch successful campaigns from Fortune 500 companies like Electrolux, Reebok, and Unilever. Joseph Cianciotto specializes in social media advertising, brand promotion, and customer relationship management.

Joe Cianciotto says online business owners need to keep in mind the following two factors when formulating a marketing strategy:

  • Identifying and understanding the owners’ targeted audience

All online business owners sell their brand products to a specific targeted audience in the market. These are the potential customers who show a lot of interest in the owners’ products. They are willing to acquire these goods at reasonable prices. When implementing a suitable marketing strategy for their businesses, owners should carefully analyze the buying patterns of their customers. For this, the owners should gather as much information as they can on the demographics of this targeted audience. Only then can the owners expect their marketing strategies to succeed in generating sales revenue they are looking for. Otherwise, they will not be able to achieve their objectives.

  • Gathering information on what competitors are doing

Online business owners know they are not the only ones trying to sell their brands products to a large targeted audience. There are other businesses in the market, trying to attract the attention of such customers with similar products. These owners need to gather as much information as they can on these competitors. In doing so, the owners can browse through the social media accounts of such businesses. They get to know how the steps owners of these businesses are taking to attracting customers. The owners can then modify their marketing strategies to neutralize the threat these businesses pose to their interests.

Joe Cianciotto clarifies it is not difficult for owners operating online businesses to come up with and implement the right marketing strategy. Before formulating such a plan, they need to identify and gather relevant information on their customers. Only then can these owners cater to the interests of this targeted audience. At the same time, the owners should also know what their competitors are up to. They can then take steps to counter the threat these businesses pose.

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