If you’ve got something to advertise, you need print design. Don’t let anybody tell you that print design is worthless or that print design is a waste of money, failing to send adequate time and money on print design means inefficient production and print design that does not say what you would like about your company, product, or service.

Getting print design is built on a lot of factors; effectively it comes down to marking the differences between what your product is and what it isn’t. The good print design takes these factors and makes sure the benefits of the product or service for your business are played to be better than any detracting elements or what you cannot provide.


Anybody who knows anything about print design is aware that when you are honest fully and totally that the public will not appreciate what you have to offer. As the conventional print design is filled to the brim with products and services that are built on the concept of being almost too good to be true, our consciousness as a society has come to expect that type of print design.

Being honest unfortunately does not pay when it comes to modern print design, but neither does telling outright lies about what your product or service can or cannot do. Finding a balance between these areas is what good print design is all about.

print design

The most print design gives you a limited space to show and tell all you can about your product, you must be able to give a visual representation while also informing directly through words. These are both visual mediums but work on the level of consciousness and subconsciousness.

The words affect you on a conscious level; they tell you directly what you’re about, whereas the image effects on a subconscious level, you can design an image with print design to plant assumptions and notions in the heads of consumers without them even knowing it.

This is the deepest form of print design and can be notoriously hard to determine and master, but anybody with even the slightest bit of talent with print design should be able to recognize obvious triggers.

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