Girls love to talk but it is not the same when it comes to a boy. Several times, you might’ve seen that conversation topics die down with boys. Whenever they get introduced to any girl at party, casual meeting, office or any other hangout place, the first question that comes to their mind is what to talk about with a girl? Whether it is about talking on the phone or in person, boys always feel out of topics to start the conversation. Well, talking with a girl is not that difficult, you just need to be a bit polite with a smile on your face. Apart from this, a few interesting that topics on which you can start your conversation are:

About the current situation

Once you’re introduced to the girl, it is the right time to start your conversation, But, at this point, many boys fail to impress the girls because of the shortage of topics. If you’re meeting the girl in a restaurant then talk about the food. Talk about music, if you’re in a club or party. This’ll surely make your conversation smooth and you’ll also come to know about her likes & dislikes.

Find a common ground to keep her interested

If you want to keep her interested in your conversation then you need to find out something which is interesting and common between the two. Books, music, and hobbies are a few interesting topics on which you can talk over for hours. But, make sure, you’re not making the girl bored.

Make her laugh

Sometimes, when you’re talking online, you can get a lot of ways to interact with her. You can make her laugh sending GIFs and funny videos to her. Avoid overdoing it. A better way of talking online is to start the conversation by asking about her day

What the lady dreams about

There are many questions that arise to boy’s mind when they approach any girl to talk. These questions include – what should your conversation be about with girls? What are the things that you should avoid while talking? Whether you’re talking with a girl on a phone or in person, you need to make it smooth and interesting. For this, you can ask the girl about her dreams and passion. Things such as where she is working and what are her aspirations can be asked.

Admit that you enjoy talking to her

Whenever you’re having a good time with her, go ahead and say it to her. This’ll surely make her feel good and you’ll get more things to interact on.

Whether you’re talking on a phone or in person, you must have felt what to talk about with a girl at some point of your conversation. Starting a smooth conversation with girls is not a rocket science. All you need is a perfect smile on your face and some interesting topics to get started talking with girls. Abovementioned interesting topics will help you in giving your conversation a great turn.

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