Maine coon kittens

Maine coon is the popular breed that most people willing to buy a cat prefer choosing. There are multiple reasons behind the inclination, but you can only enjoy this addition to your family if you buy them from a trusted breeder. These cats are a little expensive, so there are multiple breeders who you can find selling either the wrong breeds in the name of Maine coon kittens or the sick species which are not fit for a household.

So, if you want to buy a premium quality breed, it is apt to do a lot of research to find trusted breeders. Moreover, you should know about the features and physical attributes of this breed to identify the cat and bring it home! As far as the cost part is concerned, you can look for options for Maine coon kittens for sale and get an attractive deal.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Maine Coon Kittens

Colour & Coat

This cat breed comes in varied hues, including browns and greys. You can find them in tiger striped coats that are unique as you might find them in deep red colors, which is unique. So, you can find cats in every possible colour and coat that are possible in this animal.


These cats are curious by nature and don’t require much attention. However, you will see them following you around the home as you complete your daily chores. They get along with everyone in the family and become an integral part of the home in no time.

Entertainment Needs

They love fetch games, go out to parks and play with their humans. You would have to take out some time for them and keep them entertained. Otherwise, they would get all gloomy and inactive. Take them out more often, and play with them to keep them happy, and it will help keep your stress level in check.

Height & Weight

The male cats are about 18 inches in height, while the females are 12 to 14 inches tall. These are the large home-breed cats, with males weighing around 17 pounds and females about 12 pounds. It is a criterion you can use to identify the breed and rest assured that you are bringing the authentic one home.

Intelligence Level

They are extremely intelligent and can even outsmart humans many times. Most people looking for Maine coon kittens for sale admit that they opt for this breed as they do not need to put much effort into teaching them various things.

Keeping these things in mind, you can decide whether this cat breed is the one you would prefer to buy. Additionally, this information will also help you identify the right breed and bring a friendly and affectionate cat in a healthy state into your home.

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