Commercial and industrial spaces require good heating to protect the precious equipment or offer comfort and convenience to people. In addition, modern residences with specialized areas also require regular heating support for cooler areas. Our tube heaters are an ideal choice for these varying domestic and industrial requirements. The high quality radiant heaters are available in a wide range of choices to suit the heating demands of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

A tube heater, also known as a tube lamp or infrared heater, transfers heat energy through electromagnetic radiation. The tube heaters work on the principle of radiant or infrared heating, in which the thermal energy is directly transferred from the hotter object to the cooler object. Unlike convection heating, There is no heating of the air between the two objects, and the radiant heat directly increases the temperature of the object, with which it comes in contact. The infrared heaters can be installed under floors and concrete slabs, or for heating exact spots and adjacent areas. The infrared tube heaters can also be installed to provide heat for a complete building through uniform distribution of radiant energy. We offer different tube heating systems for different types of properties, and our engineers can install the most suitable and efficient heaters on your premises.

Our cost efficient tube heaters are capable of heating even hard to heat areas or surfaces due to multi-stage heating principles. The high quality appliances are also easy to maintain, and the customers can choose from low or high intensity options. The heating system is controlled and well maintained by modern thermostats to ensure energy efficiency and functional effectiveness. Residential property owners can opt for heat units that offer steady background heating for their greenhouses, porches, and garages. The appliances can be installed in a suitable manner near the spot or area on the floor that requires heating. The heating unit also has mounting brackets and can be conveniently mounted on the wall. Our efficient heaters are manufactured and tested as per the high industrial standards, and safety cut out switches are also provided on the units.

Infrared heaters are available in different shapes and sizes, and the customers have to choose the ideal solution. The various factors to be considered while making a purchase include the size, location, and shape of the space that requires heating. The wind draft, the height from ceiling or flooring is also a very important factor. Energy efficient heaters are a popular choice for many garages and workshops in the UK. The customers can also choose from UTube and Straight-Tube heaters for ensuring complete heating of a spot or building. Our heating systems, appliances, and accessories are designed and manufactured to provide heat to people, objects, machinery, floors, and other precise spots or areas. The electric tube heaters are suitable to heat specific spots such as lobby or warehouse entrances, car washes, manufacturing plants, farm buildings, and workstations.

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