Bone plates are utilized in internal fixation of fractures. The plate is fastened to the bone by application of screws on either side of the fracture.

Plating is wide used for fixation of long bone fractures of higher extremity and metaphyseal and body part fractures.

Plates for fixation of long bone fractures were 1st recorded by Hansmann, of Heidelberg University, European nation in 1886.

Plates are currently wide accepted with completely different commonplace techniques of osteosynthesis, throughout the skeleton. completely different anatomical locations demand different shapes and sizes of trauma plates, which can be provided from reputed trauma implant supplier.

Bone Plates Material

The most normally used bone plates are fabricated from chrome steel that is powerful, cheap and straightforward to machine within the producing method. It can be easily precured by Orthopedic Implants Manufacturers However, chrome steel plates don’t tolerate stress reversals fine.

Titanium is material that is a lot of biocompatible and permits for bending and shaping plates throughout surgery.

But titanium is dear and tough to machine. titanium is biologically a lot of inert less seemingly to cause allergies than chrome steel, that contains nickel. it’s quite seemingly that this material can become a lot of normally utilized in the long run.

It is necessary recognise that plates and screws should be of constant material otherwise corrosion of the implants is probably going to occur.

You cannot use the plate of steel and screws of titanium or the other way around.

For a plate to be effective means that of fixation it ought to meet the subsequent needs

  • It ought to be of acceptable breadth and thickness for the given bone
  • The plate should have adequate and even hold on either aspect of the fracture
  • The plate should be closely against the contour of bone.  A prebent plate or over-contoured plate is associate degree exception.
  • The plate should neutralize all forces functioning on the fracture i.e bending, compression, shear and torsion

Indications to be used of Bone Plates

 the utilization of plate is indicated:

  • once anatomical alignment should be restored accurately
  • wherever the utilization of screws alone is insufficient
  • when load sharing could also be achieved confidently. If this can’t be secure, then a bone graft could also be additional at the positioning of any deficit.

The areas of the body wherever the conditions delineate higher than arise normally are:

  • Around joints – failure to revive a joint surface to its traditional form might result in arthritis due to uneven wear of the joint surfaces.
  • within the bone of the forearm, that rotates concerning one another.
  • On the pelvis particularly round the acetabulum
  • On the face and jaw

Other areas wherever plates are generally used embrace the tibia and therefore the femur. However, these long bones are subject to massive forces, therefore different techniques using intramedullary nails are developed.  Non-weight bearing long bones like the arm bone additionally be also plated though nails are generally employed in this site also.

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