Doors, windows, hallways, ceilings, corridors, etc. add up to the beauty of any home or business space. Stairs, on the other hand, comes at the core of interior designing of any place. Whether to connect multiple floors or to give a direct entrance somewhere, stairs are always needed. Saving property space on the ground area and providing enormous space, stairs allows the construction of multi-story buildings possible. 

Stairs give a sense of exclusivity and elegance to space, thereby transforming the whole place at once.  Stairs are generally made up of steel, wood, concrete, marble, etc. but to add a statement to your staircase, there is nothing better than to have a glass staircase.  It is not only sleek, modern and safe but is also a visual treat in a home and business space. 

You can add glamour at your space in United Kingdoms with “Glass & Stainless”. Except looking beautiful stairs and balustrade made up of glass have their own benefits such as:


During daylight, these staircases provide ample lighting in your home. Such a staircase has the ability to pass on light from them which is aesthetically pleasing for the eyes too. 

Free of Hassle

Unlike a conventional staircase, these staircases are hassle-free. The quality of glass, unlike wood and steel, does not deteriorate with the passage of time. this staircase is free of any termite issue also. These staircases are inexpensive to maintain as well. 


These staircases remain unaffected by the moisture present in the air. Sometimes, during the rainy season, the wooden staircase tends to rot and remains damp. Whereas there is no such problem with the staircase made of glass. With a very low maintenance cost as compared to other materials, they have a long life span.

“Glass & Stainless” are a team of professionals who offer a wide range of glass doors and partitions, glass floors, skylights, balustrades, bespoke glass, and bespoke staircase.  You can get everything according to your specifications and customizations. Since each and every property can be different, if you are finding it difficult for yourself to draw and design your space, their experienced team will come up to your place and perform a survey to offer you a unique and elegant design. 

If you are hunting for help regarding a commercial project or with any residential and home project, then “Glass & Stainless” is your perfect choice.  They offer a premium range of glass and stainless steel products, renowned services and expansive technical knowledge. With LED lights in your glass staircase and more, now you can decorate your staircase with strong and toughened glass to have elegant and exclusive space. 


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