While your wedding flowers may not be as crucial as your dress or where your having your big day celebrations like a Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue they are still an important part of your big day; however, selecting wedding flowers can be tricky. Not only do you have to choose blooms that complement your bridal gown and the general theme of your wedding but also you have to bear in mind that the flowers you want might not be in season on your big day.

To ensure the flowers you desire will be available, here is a handy list of which flowers bloom in which month and which ones are the most popular.

– January: tulips, chrysanthemums, hyacinths, sunflowers, orchids.

Chrysanthemums can have both large and small blooms and are long-lasting, while hyacinths are always popular and are easy to grow yourself!

– February: calla lilies, lilac, roses, narcissus, delphiniums, anemone.

Anemones are delicate and beautiful and come in a variety of colours, including cream and white. Delphiniums are sturdy and tall and are known for their vibrant hues.

– March: Queen Anne’s lace, carnations, marigolds, lily of the valley.

– April: forget-me-nots, spray carnations, genista.

– May: peonies, Sweet Williams, hydrangeas, waxflowers.

Waxflowers and Sweet Williams are particularly dainty and gorgeous flowers, which makes them perfect for bouquets!

– June: iris, aster, delphiniums, marigolds, gloriosas, arachnis.

– July: tulips, kangaroo paws, nerine, hyacinths, lily of the valley.

– August: mint, roses, cornflowers, bouvardia, hydrangeas, phlox.

Mint might seem an unusual choice but can be a lovely fragrant complement to any bouquet.

– September: helenium, cosmos, amaryllis, cattleya orchids, aster.

– October: tuberose, calla lilies, freesias, helleborus, gladiolus.

– November: molucella, solidaster, gomphrena, veronica, amazon lilies.

– December: acacia, muscari, winter camellias, hellebores, poinsettia.

Poinsettia is an especially great Christmas option with its cheerful and festive red and green hues.

Further floral inspiration

There are many online resources available to find out more about wedding flowers and bridal bouquets. 

Immortalising your big day

To capture your gorgeous wedding flowers and, of course, the whole day on camera, make sure you book a reputable photographer well in advance. An expert will ensure that your wedding album looks stunning and professional.

Now you have an idea of when blooms are in season, it is time to start planning your wedding flowers!

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