A simple method for reducing the amount of noise that comes from a room is to fit Acoustic Seals around the door frame. Door Seals are practical and cost effective features that are used for a variety of purposes. Acoustic Seals are used to reduce the amount of noise that comes from a room but seals can also be used to prevent smoke from filtering through a door frame or for finger protection as well. Once a door has been treated with Acoustic Seals there’s a huge reduction in noise interference in your home. They’re easy to fit and Acoustic Seals are extremely effective, fit a set of seals to a doorway and noise intrusion will be the last thing on your mind.

Where do you fit Acoustic Seals?

Specialist Door Seals are fitted to the bottom and the perimeter of a door and both types of Acoustic Seals are a necessity to achieve total noise reduction. Acoustic Seals fitted to the perimeter of a door fill gaps between the outer edge of the door and the frame it sits within as well. Add door bottom Acoustic Seals and they work in conjunction with perimeter seals helping to reduce noise and prevent dust or smoke from escaping from or into a room. Automatic versions of Acoustic Seals can be fitted to the base of a door they adjust to fill a variety of gap sizes so it doesn’t matter how large or small a gap might be, it can be completely covered with the highly efficient door seals.

Advantages of Acoustic Seals

One of the massive plus points of Acoustic Seals is their fabulous sound insulation. However, that’s just one of the many advantages of fitting high-quality Acoustic Seals to a door frame. Door Seals can be used for multiple purposes they are often used for noise reduction, dust prevention and as fire safety features as well. Plus Acoustic Seals are handy for keeping draughts out of rooms and they are great for energy saving purposes. Acoustic Seals are fitted to satisfy building regulations and they are supplied by industry approved companies like Norsound.

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