The Sathorn area of Bangkok is where many people choose to live and work. If you’re scheduled to be there temporarily or even on a long-term basis, you have choices when it comes to where you’ll be staying. For many people, the thought of a stoic, impersonal hotel offers no attraction whatsoever, which is why serviced apartments are now so popular. Whether you’re in the area for a week or a year, these apartments provide advantages that hotels simply don’t have. Below are a few of them.

More Space Than a Hotel Room

Most hotel rooms are big enough for the bed, a few other pieces of furniture, and nothing else but a serviced apartment provides much more space and makes you feel as if you’re at home. They include separate sleeping and dining areas, giving you a homier feeling and allowing you to enjoy many of the comforts that you enjoy when you’re in your own home.

The Location Is Always Just Right

Serviced apartments are strategically located in areas of town that are close to some of the biggest employers in the area, making them perfect once you discover how convenient they are. They allow for a short commute time, which is important to everyone, and they make it easy to get home quickly on those nights you have to work late.

Extra Facilities Make it Convenient for You

Once you find the right 2- or 3-bedroom serviced apartment in Sathorn, it usually comes with extra amenities such as cooking areas and convenient laundry facilities, which means that you can have a home-cooked meal whenever you wish to and it won’t take long to get your clothes cleaned. Both of these make your stay there much easier and more convenient.

Many of Their Services Are Free

WiFi access is but one of the many items offered for free in most serviced apartments. They also provide you with refrigerators, mini-bars, modern furnishings, and a fully equipped kitchen, allowing you to enjoy that home-away-from-home feeling night after night. These are also high-quality items, which means that you can count on them to work right and last throughout your stay.

Convenient Meeting Spaces Are Provided

If you’re in Bangkok for business, these serviced apartments have spacious meeting rooms for those days when you need to conduct a meeting or teach a class. Because the apartments’ employees keep them cleaned and stocked with items that you often need for meetings, you can rest assured that they will be perfect for whatever type of gathering you have planned.

Convenient for Both Individuals and Families

If you choose to bring your family with you while you’re scheduled to work in the area, they will enjoy the separate rooms that allow them to relax even if you stay up late and work. You can work whenever you want and relax whenever you need to because you are not tied down to one room only that has to accommodate everything you do.

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