Cars today move toward with factory fitted GPS systems and fancy touch screens, but not anything beats a single point foundation for your music, videos and direction-finding built by none other than Apple!  iPhone and iPad norm fit on to your dash is the way ahead. Seamlessly incorporate your iPad or your iPhone/iPod touch (iDevice) and change your drive into a ‘carputer’ experience. There are plethoras of applications that can rally round your driving familiarity besides the evident benefits of Google map enabled routing and in car Internet radio streaming.  Speed Freaks is one of the preferred car modification centers in Chennai.

Here are some modification methods for your car:

  1. With Siri you can name upon your iDevice to play music, straight you using GPS, stream video or radio. All those you can force away without getting fidgety with all those buttons. You can also inquire Siri to read you messages, emails and type out mail or emails while you drive in peace. It’s almost like driving with your personal helper.
  2. Are you in a temper for some good melody and don’t have it readily in your car, don’t fuss! You don’t have to go searching for a melody store to get the cd. Just download it on the go and like the music. Or simpler still, just torrent it through YouTube or an Internet radio station.     
  3. There are numerous navigation assistance offered on your iDevices, one of the most positive applications in India, is still the Google Maps. Google maps in India can even propose traffic updates, so you can opt not to take one route vis-a-vis another. Speed Freaks also provide unfailing navigation with voice commands purpose on App Store. Now, obtain your car modification center soon in Chennai.
  4. Have you ever been wedged for overspending incorrectly? There’s no way to prove to a cop that you weren’t extravagance, until now. Speed Freaks app lets you set up max speeds you don’t want to breach and then provides consistent data of your speeds, while cautioning you if you are beyond your limit. The app utilizes the iDevice’s inbuilt accelerometer to charge your speeds.
  5. Accufuel can keep way of what you spend on all of your cars and gives you direct feedback while driving. You can switch between SAE, imperial and metric fuel brings into play, and the app also includes a resettable odometer. Fuel-fill proceedings can be stored for various cars too.

The benefits are that you will harvest from car tuning come from the technicians working to obtain your engine to as close to awesome as can be. Speed Freaks will help you to fine-tune your car in order for it to reach top presentation and fuel economy. We assure that your vehicle will achieve best economy and utmost safe power at full throttle. One of the lots of reasons behind our product’s incredible reputation is the fact that our chip is transferrable from one car to another.

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