Using the spy software for the android mobile can be the best option to know what your child is doing on Smartphone for their safety. With the help of the technology you can get the every feature on your mobile phone due to which you don’t have to move anywhere else. These days, most of the teenagers use the android phone due to which they avoid other things which are necessary. Being parent it is very important to know what your child is doing on their mobile phone. Regular checking of mobile phone of your child is not just enough.  You need to do something different through which you can keep an eye on your child’s mobile phone easily.

You can take the help of the free cell phone spy software that are available for free these days. If you are going to use the software for the first time then you can follow the below tips:

  1. Take the help of Google playstore to search for the spy software: these days, in android mobile phone there is inbuilt application through which you can download any software without any problem. You need to search the particular software through the playstore.
  2. Choose your appropriate software: When you will search the software you will get the various result related to the software. It is very important to choose your appropriate software so that you can use it without any difficulty.
  3. Install the spy software: Once you have selected your appropriate software then you can install it on your mobile phone as well on the other android phone that you want to monitor. It will take few times to install the software on the mobile phone. You need to accept all the terms and condition of the software before installing it on the mobile phone.
  4. Use your spy software: Once you have installed the software in your android phone then you need to log in the software. Once you have log in the software then you need to select the feature that you want to monitor on other android phone. In this way you will be able to keep an eye on every activity on your children’s android mobile.
  5. Check the record list: Once you have done all the setting of the spy software then you can use it without any difficulty. You need to check the record list on the active account that you have created on the software. In this way you will be able to know what your child is doing on the android mobile.

These are the few steps through which you can use the spy software easily. It is the best way to monitor the activities of your child easily. In this way you will be ensure that whether you child is safe or not. In simple words you can say that with the help of the spy software you can keep an eye on the activities of your young children without any difficulty.

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