There are so many applications in your device right? What do you use to watch videos? Is there any specific video application that you have? What are you referring to YouTube? Come on, YouTube is undoubtedly a great platform but there is something in the market that is even bigger and wider. Have you heard of Vidmate?

What is Vidmate?

Vidmate is the application or platform that gets you access to all the videos that are available on the popular video platforms. Whether you want to watch videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Dailymotion or any other similar platforms; you can get all their videos in Vidmate application. You can search the name of the video in the search box and it would be there for you to watch and relish.

You can watch videos in good resolution!

Of course, you can watch the videos in the good resolution. Whether 480p video, 720p video or even of 1080p video; you can find it all.  The coolest thing is that whatever resolution you would choose is going to give you amazing experience. You can watch all the videos in the resolution that make your video watching experience worth it! After all, when you have the provision then why to stick on to the low resolutions?

Download the videos without any hassle

You know what once you have watched the video on the application and you know that you want it, you can download it. The option of downloading is in the settings and you can download the video right there. In this way you would not have to go elsewhere or drag through long procedures to get the video.  Once you have downloaded the application you can watch the videos offline as per your convenience.

Easy for beginners!

Yes, this application is easy for the beginners too. If you don’t have much knowledge about applications and how to operate platforms and you feel that the platforms are really difficult to handle these days then you must check out this application. It is a walk in the park. You would not have to do anything additionally. You would find all the instructions on the application and hence watch or download the videos in an easily way.The interface of the video platform is such that you would not have to navigate through much. You would get everything splashed therein and you can pick and choose as per your need. The search box makes it easy for you to look for any type of video you want.


There are many applications that do have different types of features and good speed but they hang up a lot. They get too frustrating at times. Well, what you can do is you can go for the options that are comfortable and easy to use yet excellent. Vidmate is the answer. This application is absolutely smooth and does not hang up at all. You would not experience any burps while you use this application.


Thus, go for Vidmate downloader and install the application right away on your device. The application is a gem

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