In today’s age speed and efficiency of hosting solution provider is the main determinant of the website’s performance. The owner of the website is to be gravely concerned about the accessibility of website. Webmasters pick up the best hosting solution provider depending upon many factors such as privacy, speed of server, level of technical support, price, and offered features. In all these parameters Dial Web Hosting comes out to be the most successful hosting solution provider of utmost standards because of the reason it is able to offer a great price, reliability, as well as speed.

The foundation of DialWebHosting was done 15 years ago and since then it has been consistently proved to be one of the most successful web hosting solution provider for beginners having hundreds of projects under its care. By a review done in the year 2016 it was found out that Dial Web Hosting is the best hosting solution provider for the beginners. Having an experience span of more than 15 years it has constantly been in search for effective and efficient hosting solution provider for a range of customers from beginners to fully furnished web portals.

DialWebHosting is recommended by the webmasters of being the best hosting provider over the platforms of OpenKart, Drupal, as well as WordPress.

Technology Deployed At DialWebHosting

The providence of facilities by DialWebHosting simply matches the class of world. They have got 40,000 square feet office having secondary data servers having the total area of more than 20,000 square feet. They have got the facilities of power generators enough to light an average city. Additionally, DialWebHosting is equipped by the most modern hardware having storage backups which are mirror redundant and uninterrupted power supplies powered by 24 x 7 electric generator with the security mechanism around the clock by the ace technical staff. The connectivity with the web is provided through the most remarkable backbone connections providing more than 3 GB per second of bandwidth. It is trusted by numerous world class web portal because of the reason of its affordability, professionalism, and reliance offered.

Why To Pick Up DialWebHosting?

Since the time, the DialWebHosting has come to the advent it has become the most reliant brand in the field of webhosting because of its efforts, ability, as well as robust support. All the data centers of DialWebHosting are fully equipped by numerous gigabytes connections on fiber technology all around the world. This ensures an incremented speed and a greater range of bandwidth for the hosted web portals.

It is the requirement of every one of the webmasters that they get the maximum possible uptime with uncapped bandwidth for the purpose that their websites are able to be accessible to its potential clients round the clock. DialWebHosting has maintained a consistent record of 99.99 % uptime. This 99.99 % uptime proves that the servers of DialWebHosting can stay awake without any breakage in its operations to make the hosted websites executed for a longer duration of time. For all these reasons it could be comfortably said that the DialWebHosting has proved itself to be an effective hosting solution provider for beginners.


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