The one you love has left you. After a while, you start missing them when feeling lonely and then you would feel like you want to get back together again. Well, this is very true when it comes to relationships. Sometimes people do fight and on some occasions, the fight usually ends up with a breakup.

Anyway, when you find yourself in this situation, people will always expect you to move on and act like nothing really happened.

Well, if it is something that took place like yesterday, or about three months ago or even a year, you cannot pretend and act like you have moved on because this just can’t happen, especially when you really feel like she was the one.

As the saying goes “a little hard work is worth it for the things that really matter”, you need to put some effort and probably with these few tips and you might finally have a chance of getting her back. You can also check out how to get your ex back 2018 – Ex Girlfriend & Boyfriend Guide available online to get informed on how to handle such situations.

  • Taking some time apart

This is the number one rule that you should adhere to if you ever find yourself going through a break up.

If this happens, you need to stay away from her and you are not supposed to also contact her for a period not less than two weeks. This is simply due to the emotionally draining ordeal that most people go through during breakups hence the need to take some breathing time.

Take this time to calm yourself down and try putting back things to normal or logical perspective. Taking some time apart will allow both of you to less charged emotionally and cool down.

It also gives you time to really think about what happened before you could make any moves and also if you really want to take any further steps.

  • Focus on your main goal

While you are still taking sometime away, you should also be focusing on yourself. Try being single and enjoy this moment.

Take this time to evaluate yourself and find out what it is that you really want and who you are. You can spend this time by trying out new things, go out with friends, and pick up a new hobby, make new friends among other things.

This will help you to get back to the normal you while also reestablishing your self-worth. As you also enjoy your “you-time”, it is also encouraged that you try out your luck and find out who might be available in the dating market.

You should only avoid this move if you are more than sure that you only want your ex-girlfriend back.

  • Try to understand the cause of the problem

This is usually considered as one of the major steps towards getting back with your ex-girlfriend.

You need to take some time and figure out what really went wrong. If you are that serious and you are really looking forward to things working between you two, then you must first understand what the original issue was so as to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

It is practically true that no woman is going to get back together with a guy who still have no idea about what caused the breakup in the first place.

  • Contact her finally

If you have taken much time thinking about what happened between you two and you have finally understood the problem but you still want to get her back, then it really is time for you to reach out.

However, make sure to keep your message playful and light in whatever method you choose to use.

Sending a text message or an email saying “I want us to get back together” or “we need to talk” is somehow too heavy and won’t give her the urge to want to meet up with you.

You need to show her that cool and funny side you had when you first met. Click this link to see more tips on how to go about this issue.


In a relationship, many things usually happen. There is always the ups and the downs but when the downs occurs more often than the ups then you might just be headed for some trouble.

People do break up for several reasons, other people also end up breaking up even if they didn’t want to due to anger.

Anyway, when this happens, just try and apply these few tips and your prayers might just be answered.

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