Vans are an asset for businesses but can also be a great alternative to standard passenger cars in the right circumstances.

With van sales still near record levels, there are a lot of options from which to choose. Here are just 10 reasons why buyers might make the leap from cars to vans.


A van can be configured in myriad different ways and can cope with almost any task, from people carrying to load hauling and everything in between.


Vans offer so much more luggage room than cars. Vanlining can keep the cargo area protected from damage, unlike a boot.


A van usually positions the driver higher, improving visibility and making it easier to see around obstacles to stay safer on the road.


Vans have to be comfortable, as they are working vehicles and spending a day behind the wheel is expected.


If you want to give a van a personal touch with a vinyl wrap designed to your specifications, doing so is straightforward.


Getting in and out of a van is straightforward, as you climb up rather than dropping down. For the elderly or those with limited mobility, this can make a big difference.


Parents with young children have to lug a lot of accessories around with them and may find dealing with tight parking spaces tricky. A van with sliding doors on either sides makes managing a pram much simpler. Adding a security lock from a supplier can give added peace of mind.

Surprisingly compact

Vans come in all shapes and sizes, with many derived from car platforms in the first place. While they may look larger due to their extra height, they do not need to take up much more room than a standard vehicle. This simplifies parking.

Fun to own

A passenger car is a commonplace sight on the roads of the UK, but even cutting-edge models lack that one killer feature: personality. Conversely, a van is generally a fun and funky alternative to a car because it is so unusual, replacing a bland yet functional platform for transport with something more comfortable, practical and entertaining to own.

Whatever your circumstances, buying a van could be a good investment that fits in with your professional and personal life.

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