The arrival of medical emergencies, especially during travel, is a common thing and these emergencies might occur at any point in time. In this scenario, receiving instant medical treatment is inevitable. Your EHIC card will definitely save you from any kind of medical crisis at the time of travel. You just need to carry the card along while travelling.

You can now receive quite a flexible and convenient treatment plan during travel under EHIC. Wherever you move in Europe this card will cater you a greater medical coverage. EHIC is much cheaper than that of normal travel insurance and this is the very reason that most travellers are going for the same. Applying for EHIC is quite an easier task these days.

What to know?

  • State list needs to be checked once before applying for an EHIC card online.
  • Medical services covered by EHIC need to be checked.
  • Limitations of EHIC need to be known.
  • EHIC application and renewal processes need to be known.
  • Find out what to do in case you have lost your card.

These details can be extracted directly from official EHIC site only. These details will enable you to take the decision that whether you are in need of this outstanding travel insurance scheme or not. You have to go through the disclaimer in order to know more about EHIC.

How to receive assistance for applying EHIC?

Though EHIC can be received for free but only for those legal residents who belong from listed countries. You can now receive necessary guidance directly from expert teams dealing with EHIC scheme. These teams have enough of knowledge about the scheme and thus all your queries can easily get resolved by them.

In fact, application errors can be now easily avoided in assistance of these expert teams. These teams also offer valuable advice or suggestions regarding how to extract the maximum number of facilities from EHIC. Many travellers also hire efficient agents so that EHIC application can be done smoothly and efficiently without inviting any flaws or errors.

In this case, you just need to pay a certain amount of money to the agent and your application will be done. These agents are usually hired by those travellers who do not have enough time to inquire about EHIC. They appoint these agents so that travel cards under EHIC can be received easily. These agents are very much knowledgeable and thus successfully EHIC application is guaranteed.

What to do in case insurance card is lost?

If you have lost your card, then you are suggested calling at the customer care number immediately.  This move will surely enable you availing emergency treatment without any delay. In this case, you just have to mention your card details so that the teams can track your card and can provide provisional replacement certificate.

This certificate is equally valuable than that of EHIC card. You can avail all sorts of EHIC facilities with this certificate. The certificate will be sent to your valid email-id so that you can access the same for fulfilling your respective purpose. You just have to produce the copy of this certificate to the concerned hospital authority.

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