Safety is of paramount importance in the workplace as employers and employees should be able to carry out their respective duties without any risk to their wellbeing and health. As the potential numbers of hazards are elevated in the workplace compared to other areas such as residential properties, extra care, and attention are required. The considerable dangers associated with sharp tools or heavy machinery, in addition to the considerable quantity of potential trip, slip and fall hazards illustrate the importance for companies to enforce health and safety policies.

As part of their legal obligation to health and safety legislation, all companies should have at least one staff member who is qualified in practicing first aid. Undertaking safety training courses to gain the required qualification is the prerequisite to becoming a valuable member of any company.

Although companies are required by law to employ at least one person who has successfully undertaken safety training and holds a First Aid at Work qualification, any employee can enroll themselves in available courses. This can help to further their value and position with their employers, whilst further increasing their skills and responsibilities to promote good practice and perform important medical treatments, if and when required.

Safety training courses are based on practical and theoretical lessons which provide the skills and mind-set required to handle emergency medical situations. Without the knowledge and experience provided by qualified first aid professionals, people may not only be unable to carry out the correct procedure or treatment but also potentially make an injury worse or cause more pain by hazardous actions.

Businesses can greatly benefit from employing people who are undertaking, or have already a qualification from safety training as their knowledge and expertise can be passed onto other employees. Such individuals are both responsible for their own actions and have their own legal obligation to adhere to health and safety policies.

People who undertake first aid training soon realize the true importance of first aid in the workplace and the number of potential hazards which can occur. More importantly, qualified first aiders can competently handle any accidents, injuries or health concerns in a controlled manner. They can also play an instrumental role in promoting safe practice in the workplace to protect the safety and wellbeing of their fellow colleagues.

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