Hire a team of security guards to look after your business premises and you might want to consider firms that operate with security dogs at the same time. Security dogs provide a strong visual presence and they can deter the most determined of thieves or vandals. Faced with the sight of guard dogs it can be an intimidating prospect. Security dogs bark and snarl, they growl at intruders and the mere sight of them can stop people in their tracks. It takes the right type of canine to make it as Security dogs; not Every breed is suitable for this particular job. Can you imagine a poodle stood there yapping away? An intruder would be reduced to fits of giggles if they were faced with such tiny guard dogs!

Security dogs are normally picked because of their physical presence and their ability to be trained. Alsatians and German Shepherds make great guard dogs because they are large in size, are alert and intelligent and they are very loyal to their handlers too. That’s important when you are training Security guards they have to adhere to your commands. Other breeds that make good Security guards include Rottweiler’s and Doberman Pinschers that are known for their loyalties to their owners. All of these breeds make great security dogs and they fill their handlers with confidence when they are out on patrol.

Security companies use guard dogs because they are valuable assets to their handlers. Not only do the Security dogs provide a strong visual presence they can show controlled aggression when confronted by attackers. Security dogs will protect their owners and attack on command. They are trained to the highest standards by companies that specialize in guard dogs security. They provide Security dogs and handlers that are licensed by the SIA and always offer a first-class service to their customers. If you want the best dogs in the business call the team at Professional Dog Section. You’ll be very impressed by the loyalty and the dedication of their security dogs that are perfect for high-risk situations.

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