Red roses on Valentine’s Day always go and that will probably not change so quickly. But all that in love like to prove something imaginative to promises not only two sensual and seductive, but still the same perfect gifts to buy sex toys this Valentine’s Day.

The sharp pleasure Heater as promised is a magical flying high and once in operation ensure the trendy sex toys for long-lasting fun. And what could be more beautiful than to be pampered at the day of lovers again really?

Vernal, fresh and frivolous is the Valentine’s Day with the “spring” is. The enchanting flower relief on the otherwise smooth surface gives the little playmates, according to the users, exciting features provides surprising effects.

In addition, you can in some cases bring with him for extreme stimulation or massage gently and extensively as excitement changes, which should guarantee emotional highs. The playful, yet clearly designed sex toy is available at your nearest retail shop. Not less exciting the libido with his two pampering speeds promises to be fully satisfied. The special silhouette gives the libido a doubly intense pleasure, the intoxicated to the grand finale.

Due to its compact size, the small vibration miracle is particularly suitable for beginners, which certainly experienced connoisseurs their pure joy in the “FLASH” and its extra soft “gentle touch “surface. The product is tested by 1000 couples who were facing either impotency or incomplete satisfaction but this sex toys work miraculously.

Vibrators there are not only today in a variety of shapes, colors and materials: Be it faithfully in skin color with bulging veins, futuristic-looking plastic with additional arms or funny playful as a small caterpillar. But nevertheless all have the same task, namely to make the ladies happy.

Except that the whole now go one better: The use of conductive silicone, it is the market leader succeeded in things Electro sex to design vibrators, which can than more to vibrate. The new vibrator goes out the additional stimulation of electronic stimuli that flow with maximum 90mA through the body. Here, women can, depending on your mood, be pampered: whether it be comforting tingling or violently pulsating shock.

Of course, women, the electronic stimuli at the same time enjoy the vibration. So tickle the innovative Toys from the “vitamins V” collection also produce feelings as they could not yet kindle no sex toys. The three differently shaped vibrators (Electric Eric, Sizzling Simon and Tickling Truman), all of which are available in the color “sexy black”, ensure from now on for varied sensual pleasures.

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